‚ÄúFacebook ads have given my dealership the ability to target the exact customers that matter to me and my business. There is no other marketing solution in the world that allows me to target exactly who I want to speak to at the exact time I want to speak to them.” John Castle, CEO Castle Auto Group

Technology is not slowing down in today’s age at all. The way digital marketing is evolving today looks more like an exponential growth than a linear one. For example, in the past year, digital marketing has evolved more than it had in the previous 5 combined.

That means that there are always better, more cost-efficient methods popping up with each passing day to get more clients for your business. And your business needs to keep up.

Especially for dealerships,¬†if you are not on board yet with the most efficient ways to get more clients¬†you’re only going to be left further and further behind the rest of the world.

One of the best advertising methods that we have available today that connects dealerships with their ideal clients is Facebook Ads, by far. Here’s a couple of key elements that Facebook Advertising has available that can really help your dealership become a local superstar business and also increase your unit sales.

1. Proactive Based Advertising

While with most advertising platforms out there you need to wait for people to find you out of thousands of competitors,¬†Facebook’s algorithm can proactively seek out your ideal target customer and display in front of them an offer they just can’t resist.¬†No other advertising platform has successfully achieved to create such an environment.

It’s easy to post your cars on different 3rd-party websites like Cargurus or Autotrader. But that’s what thousands of other dealerships are doing. It’s a¬†red ocean where it’s incredibly hard to stand out and usually, people that go on those websites are price shopping without taking into consideration the other services and benefits your dealership might provide. Even if you decide to advertise on Google Ads, while it’s still great, it’s predominantly reaction based. You’re waiting for people to write a search query and then you pay a lot of money to compete on the first page results with 10 other dealerships. And¬†if you don’t make it on the first page… well, then forget about it.

2. Local Targeting Options

Once you’ve chosen the offer you want to run with you can start creating your first campaign to generate interest in your dealership and in the ad set section, create your new audience under the ‚ÄúTargeting‚ÄĚ section.

First,¬†set your audience near the location of your dealership¬†(+25 miles of your city is usually a good bet unless you are in a densely populated city with many dealerships ‚ÄĒ then you might want to set it a bit lower). If there are any cities you want to exclude from your ad, set those parameters here as well.

You can include certain zip codes or you can exclude cities and counties that you don’t want to target with your ad.

You can test your ads and split them by age and gender, but unless you are an expert on your dealership’s demographic, just use the default setting of all genders ages 18‚Äď65. Otherwise, you could be missing out on potential buyers.

You can also¬†select languages in this section.¬†If you’re interested in targeting only English speakers you can do that. If you’re only interested in Spanish speakers you can do that also.

3. Custom Audiences

Up until July 2018, Facebook gave all advertisers access to automotive behavior data. This meant that every advertiser that had access to a Facebook Ad account could directly target in-market car buyers for new and old models. But due to the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal where a breach of privacy occurred all those in-depth targeting capabilities were taken away from the normal advertiser.

Fortunately, we are one of the few marketing agencies out there that are premium partners with People Based Audience Matching Data providers meaning that we still get access to this valuable information. We have access to anonymous multi-sourced, US consumer household information from IHS Automotive (Polk) that draws from geographic, demographic, and area-level vehicle characteristics validated using actual vehicle registration.

This means that we can target people that are in-market for new or used vehicles, we can target people that are interested in a certain make or model, and we can target people based on their eagerness to buy these vehicles in the near future. We can also target people based on credit scores, household income, online buyer reputation, and other interests.

Using this data we create custom audiences that¬†we cross-reference with Facebook’s local targeting capabilities and this allows us to find in-market leads in your prime local area¬†that will directly interact with your business on Facebook and on your website, are very likely to buy. No more middleman. You control the traffic.

4. Test more. Learn more

Another great thing about using Facebook Ads if that you can truly build a holistic marketing system. The longer your run ads and the more data you collect and who visits your website and books a test drive or submits an inquiry, we can feed that data back into Facebook to find people that are most likely to take similar actions.

Due to our system’s¬†machine learning capabilities and Facebook artificial intelligence¬†system you can start targeting people that live further away from your dealership without increasing costs because the algorithm would have learned who are the best people to show the ads to.

And once you get enough traffic and inquiries set up through the system you will be able to use ghost targeting. That means that you can create a lookalike audience based on the pool of people that bought from you already and you can create a similar audience like them. The top 1% in your local area and then advertise to them without using any other complex targeting options.

Using this Intelligent Facebook Advertising system literally allows you to snatch customers right from under your competitor’s nose within a 100-mile radius of your dealership without them even knowing it.

5. Complete Omnipresence

This is like taking all the traffic that ever landed on your website and putting it on steroids. Using Facebook Retargeting system you can track all visitors to your website and then display ads specifically tailored to them.

If someone has checked a specific vehicle in your inventory but didn’t purchase when they will go on Facebook guess what they’ll see? That’s right! They will see an ad reminding them that they didn’t book a test drive yet with that specific vehicle. Or they can see an ad where they are recommended several other vehicles from the make or model.

If they landed on a specific offer page but was not able to claim the offer, they will be reminded each time they go online that they forgot to sign up, but not so often as to start having your ads perceived as spam. The algorithm knows what’s the optimal timing to show your ads.

Furthermore,¬†Facebook’s retargeting capabilities move beyond just its platform.¬†You will retarget people even if they visit other websites. If someone goes on the news site of CNN or they want to check out an article on the New York Times website, your reminder ads can also pop up there. Basically, if someone ever landed on your dealership’s website, they will get retargeted on their most visited websites with your reminder ads or similar offers.

This helps you¬†stay top of mind in your local area consistently.¬†Even if someone is not ready to buy a car this month, they might change their mind in 3 months time and that’s when all your omnipresence will pay off and you’ll be the more familiar and obvious choice these potential car buyers will reach out to.

Think you’re ready to grow your dealerships the smart way using Facebook Advertising?

Dealers in the US and all over the world use our program to deliver their current inventory to shoppers on Facebook, drive leads into their CRM, and match vehicle sales to their campaigns. If you want to learn more about how our Intelligent Facebook ads system combined with data from IHS Automotive (Polk) can change the way you reach new cars buyers in your local area then Contact Us right away to Schedule a no strings attached DEMO CALL by sending us an email at info@atomleads.com.

If your business qualifies we can show you the step by step process and what results to expect using our results guaranteed marketing system.

My name is Andrei Constantin and I’m the founder of Atom Leads www.atomleads.com a digital marketing agency that loves creating results-based online customer acquisition strategies for local businesses to help them dominate their local market and help bring in more customer opportunities day in day out.