If your company specializes in heating, cooling, electrical or plumbing services, you’ve probably tried all types “traditional” marketing methods under the sun like print ads, coupon books, mailers, yellow pages, TV, billboards and so on…

The problem with these advertising methods is that they’re a marketing budget black hole. You never know exactly what your ROI is, you can’t track where your customers are coming from and it’s impossible to scale within a reasonable budget.

In these traditional marketing spaces, the company with the biggest budget yells the loudest.

A few years ago, a breakthrough was made in the advertising space for HVAC businesses. You could use digital marketing, specifically SEO tactics and Google ADS to increase your rankings on search engines.

But now in 2018, marketing your HVAC business is more competitive than ever before. One residential or home customer can be worth $5000 for your business so entrepreneurs are battling to reach them first. The advertising space on Google Search has become so competitive that simple clicks ( not conversions ) are at a sky-high cost.

There is no doubt that you need search engine optimization if you want to grow your business. But you’d still be competing with over 100 HVAC business within a 25-mile radius for 10 lines of advertising space. Just take a look at how Google Pages look at the moment.

If you’re not paying a lot of dollars for clicks on Google your organic reach is very limited. And still… getting a click doesn’t mean you getting an appointment. When people browse on Google they like to price shop, scroll through websites and most of the time they click and then leave your website without taking any action to purchase or contact your business.

Trying to rank on the Google page either organically or through Google Ads works! There is no doubt about it. But you’ll always be competing in a crowded and expensive advertising space.


Imagine displaying your business to homeowners on a 30-50 mile radius without any competition basically. Not only are Facebook ads cheap but there is almost no competition in the HVAC industry on Facebook. There are over 2 billion people on Facebook right now, so most likely everyone that could ever use your HVAC services in your local area is also on the platform. Facebook ads are easily measured and altered for little cost, which makes Facebook an excellent platform for A/B test. Meaning you can determine if an image, message, product or service resonates with your audience quickly and inexpensively.

You’ve seen above what results you can expect while trying to compete with other HVAC businesses on Google Page. Below you can see what results you can get using Facebook Ads for HVAC businesses.

As you can see, with Facebook Ads you can get as little as 38 cents for a click and $9.73 for a conversion which means it costs less than $10 for some to take an action on your website such as claiming a limited offer, asking for a quote or scheduling an assessment.

Facebook Ads for HVAC are powerful because you can target as close as possible to your ideal audience and make sure your message reaches them. You can customize your targeting using the following options:

  • Location
  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Connections
  • Website and re-marketing data

The awesome thing is that since it’s almost an untapped advertising space for HVAC, most of the companies that are advertising now on Facebook are doing it all wrong. We have analyzed over 20.000 Facebook ads in the last 6 months. We’ve tested and fine-tuned our strategies so we know what works! Marketing your HVAC services on Facebook doesn’t need to be complicated if you know what you’re doing.

PLUS. There is a powerful element that Facebook Ads offer that can help your business stay top of mind always for your audience while they are considering their decision. Even if people land on your sales page and don’t buy immediately the Facebook Pixel (a line of code installed on your website) registers their cookie data and adds them a custom audience. Then every time someone who has visited your website goes online your ads will follow them around everywhere, even on websites outside of Facebook. This helps you build brand familiarity over time, trust and makes your business appear as an authority in your industry in the local area.

When these visitors finally need HVAC services they are already warmed up to your brand and will not hesitate to contact you in case of emergencies or when they want to upgrade their systems.


Strategic, well-run Facebook ad campaigns can strengthen your HVAC’s business reach to new customers effectively and increase your high-quality lead count without competing in a crowded advertising space. This is the key to staying ahead of your competition NOW while nobody is still using the full capabilities of Facebook.

If you’re like most contractors, you probably don’t have time to be messing around on Facebook if you’re serious about managing your business properly and making sure you provide high-quality services. Plus it takes a lot of resources to hire a full-time person to do it and there aren’t many marketers out there that know how to properly set up Facebook Ads to work for HVAC efficiently.

If you want to learn more about how FACEBOOK ads can change your business and help you reach new people and increase your ROI within the next months contact us right away to Schedule a DEMO CALL by sending us an email at

If your business qualifies we can show you the step by step process and what results to expect using our proven Facebook Clients On Demand System and start getting leads within 72 hours of our call.

My name is Andrei Constantin and I’m the founder of Atom Leads, a digital marketing agency that loves creating results-based lead conversion strategies for local businesses to help them dominate their local market and help bring in more customer opportunities day in day out.